Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick hits...

What a final it has been so far...this blogger says it goes seven.

Some quick rumours...TEAM 990 reports that Vincent Lecavalier purchased a house last week blocks from the Canadiens practice arena in Brossard. This is VL's third Montreal-area residence, but the proximity to the rink, and the suburban location, is puzzling. The previous two pads are a condo downtown and a house in the neighbourhood where he grew up. A sign of things to come?

TEAM 990 also reports that the Canadiens should announce a resolution to the coaching staff situation later this week. Kirk Muller and Doug Jarvis have both sat down with Jacques Martin and been formally interviewed. I'm betting Muller stays and Jarvis goes down to the AHL.

Predictions on the staff: Muller, Lever (he's Gainey's guy), Marc Crawford (a few have rumoured him, he has a Cup, get him on there), and David Marcoux as the goaltending coach (he of Calgary fame). 

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