Monday, March 16, 2009

These Habs need work

What an embarrassment Saturday. Outshot 48-23. Outplayed, like men against boys. And what happens? The team gets Sunday off. And Monday morning. Practice this afternoon.

Now, I'm not one to question Bob Gainey, but this team needs work. They need conditioning. Now. Clearly, something is wrong. It looks like Tomas Plekanec, Tom Kostopolous, Glen Metropolit and a goalie vs. the league. That's awful. Come on guys, let's get this going.

One can only hope that Alex Kovalev comes back Tuesday and things start flying again. The post-Guy era is quickly souring for many. But there is still time.

Question of the day: What happened to Mike Komisarek? How has he gone from dominant #1 to invisible #4? 

(cue Carmen Sandiego music)

Where in the world is Michael Komisarek? 

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