Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The Habs actually won a game? Been a while since we could say that.

The Kovalev/Koivu/Tanguay line exploded for 11 points last night, and the Habs managed to beat the visiting Thrashers 6-3 in a must-win game that at times actually looked like one for the home team. Granted, this wasn't the stiffest competition as Atlanta sits in 27th spot overall, but given that Montreal has looked like some club teams could beat them recently it was still a good win all the same.

Unfortunately, certain issues still remain, as it seems that on any given night only 1 line can score while all of the others simply fill in time. Balanced scoring would go a long way toward making this team something resembling a contender, although as long as the "good line" changes every night I guess that will keep the opponents' defenders guessing.

Carey Price was adequate last night (stopping 22 of 25 shots), but did allow his trademark weak goal and often looks completely disinterested with the game as a whole. You still can't quite be sure what to expect from him down the stretch, and the team clearly needs a solid contribution to make any sort of serious run.

Regardless of these issues, the fact still remains that the two points from last night gives the Canadiens sole possession of 8th place in the East. With games against Tampa Bay and Buffalo on the schedule for this week there is still a reasonable chance to make up some ground in the standings, and any team that gets into the postseason has a shot at making some noise in a run to the Cup (look at Edmonton a few years ago), so who knows what to expect at this point.

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