Friday, March 20, 2009

You Know...'s beginning to look as though Guy Carbonneau may not have been the main problem plaguing the Canadiens after all...

After getting a win in his first game behind the bench, the Habs have dropped their next 4 under the supervision of Bob Gainey and still look like a team destined to miss the postseason unless something drastic changes in the very near future. Carey Price was shaky in allowing 4 goals on just 15 shots last night, and was replaced early in the second period by Jaroslav Halak (who played yet another solid game in relief). Price was notably upset in post game interviews, and you have to wonder how many more mediocre outings his confidence can stand. I know he's Gainey's guy and all, but it's looking like he may not be quite ready to lead this team into the playoffs just yet. He is only 21 years old after all, and the lack of a veteran presence to support him at times like these seems like a bit of an oversight.

It's not fair to put all of the blame on Price though, since the entire team (excepting the phenomenal Kostopoulos/Lapierre/Latendresse line) didn't look ready to play a critical game last night. The lack of focus and motivation is quickly becoming the norm for Montreal (regardless of who's behind the bench), and you have to wonder if there's any way to fix it in time. The Habs return home on Saturday night to face the Leafs, and can probably expect to receive a hostile "welcome" from their home fans given their recent performances. This is likely their last chance to stop the bleeding, so they better make the most of it if they want to be taken seriously as any sort of playoff contender.

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