Monday, April 6, 2009

4 Points

That's what the Habs need in their remaining four games to guarantee themselves a playoff spot. While it's also possible that even 3 points might be enough, that could also bring tiebreakers into the equation depending on how Florida and New York finish out. While the position the Canadiens will occupy should they make it into the postseason still remains to be determined (anywhere from 4th to 8th are all possible depending on how things fall), with all of the doubts that were lingering about the possibilities of even making the playoffs a few weeks ago, locking up a spot will be a good first step. Once you're in just about anything is possible, and with the top line firing on all cylinders a deep run wouldn't be as inconceivable as it once was.

With games against Boston, the Rangers and Penguins later this week, it would likely benefit the Canadiens to take advantage of the chance for 2 big points against Ottawa tonight in Montreal. This is the last game against a team that isn't playoff-bound/desperate for points in the standings, so now would be the ideal time to add on a bit of insulation in the standings before the tough final stretch kicks in.

Game time is 7:30 EST from the Bell Center (RDS and Sportsnet).

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