Friday, April 17, 2009

Round One to Boston

In what was a hard game to really assess, the Canadiens fell 4-2 to the Bruins last night. The Habs certainly showed some positive signs (Carey Price was very solid for example), but the fact of the matter remains that the loss will only build confidence for Boston.

Going into the game, I felt that the Canadiens needed to win to plant some doubt in the Bruins. While it looked for a while like that might very well happen, the Chara goal on the powerplay in the third seemed to eliminate all momentum that the Canadiens had enroute to the eventual loss. The Habs almost certainly need to win this next game to have a realistic shot at winning the series, so we'll see how they react on Saturday night.

Random Thoughts From Game 1

-Georges Laraque probably shouldn't be on the top line in place of Tanguay, no matter how much you think he "deters" Chara...

-Do the Habs have a second line? Whatever happened to Kostitsyn and Plekanec anyway?

-That was a cheap shot from Lapierre on Kessel after the empty net goal. It's not like he was even taunting or anything. He basically smiled and then got punched in the face. The same goes for Komisarek wailing on Hunwick after the game ended. I guess you could say that the team was trying to "send a message" or something like that, but I worry about those types of things motivating Boston more than anything else...

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