Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Montreal will beat Boston

1. Andrei Markov will return.

2. The Canadiens special teams are statistically better.

3. Carey Price will outplay Tim Thomas.

4. Bob Gainey will outcoach Claude Julien.

5. The ghosts just won't let the Bruins win. Won't happen. The Canadiens always have the ghosts in the playoffs. And the Canadiens ghosts can beat the heck out of the Bruins ghosts. I don't care who's in net. 

Prediction: Habs in six over Boston. Price, Markov, Kovalev lead the way.

Habs ghosts in four over Bruins ghosts. Maurice Richard with nine goals, Aurel Joliat with six, Jacques Plante with three shutouts. Eddie Shore with a couple for the 'Ruins. 

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