Sunday, April 19, 2009

Down 2-0 Heading Home

It wasn't even close last night either. The Habs were crushed 5-1 by the Bruins, and dominated in virtually every aspect of the game. The team now returns home needing to beat the Eastern Conference Champs 4 times in 5 games to win the series; a long shot at best.

Interestingly, the team hasn't won a game since Andrei Markov left the lineup (they're now 0-6), and even though his return would certainly increase spirits, I'm not sure if he'll be healthy enough to be the contributor that the Habs will need him to be. I suppose anything is possible though, and if the series is 2-1 after Monday night then it'll be a whole different situation. Not a lot to go on I know, but right now it might be the best that they've got...

Thoughts and Questions After Game 2:

-Should Milan Lucic be suspended for his hit on Maxim Lapierre? Some suggest that he led with his glove and that the shot was no cheaper than the Lapierre hit on Kessel after the empty net goal in Game 1, but it's certainly a tough call to make.

-Who exactly should start in Game 3? History tells us that Gainey likes Price, but is a GAA of 4 and a .875 SVP what the team needs right now?

-What lines will we see next game? The shuffle will likely continue to try and get things going, but how will it work out? Maybe Gainey should try the Carbonneau route of pulling names out of a hat?

-For all of those people who answered the poll question with the Habs winning this series (and there were a bunch of you), what have you seen so far to suggest that it's still possible?

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