Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blackhawks Downed

I know, corny title. But great game by the Habs, as they hold the NHL's 3rd highest scoring team to one goal. Carey Price looked brilliant, and the Canadiens played as a team, putting forth their best effort, arguably, of 2009. Unbelievably, that was the Habs first win against a playoff contender since February.

Montreal must now hit the road to face the Islanders and Toronto. However, they're in better shape than they were a week ago, with one point separating them and Florida, a game in hand, and a game in hand on the one point ahead Rangers. 

Oh, and Bob Gainey did it: he got the team to .500 since he took over. Way to go, Bob. Now keep it going. And win the Cup. 

Bring on the Bruins? 

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  1. Given your schedule and the teams in front of you, I don't think that 6th or 7th is out of the question. If you beat both the Rangers and Pens next week, you definitely move up from 8th. But lose to the Isles and Leafs this week, and things look murky at best!