Monday, March 2, 2009

Less than 48 hours to go...

And the two guys I think the Canadiens should be targeting, other than the obvious Pronger, Bouwmeester, or Jokinen rumours:

  1. Martin St. Louis: He's good, he's French, he's a leader, and he's cheap. Next year's contract is for only $4 million, a steal for a guy +10 and a point per game on Tampa Bay.
  2. Teemue Selanne: I've said it before and I'll say it again. This guy has serious chemistry with Koivu. He'd be an awesome addition to what has, at times, been an anemic offence.
And for your viewing pleasure, some of the bigger deals of recent years and how GM's remember them going down:

    The Latest and Greatest...

  • Ryan Smyth has been linked to Calgary (various outlets), Vancouver (Globe and Mail) and now...Edmonton? (Sportsnet) Could Captain Canada really head back to the city he spurned for a few thousand dollars? And how could the Oil fit him under the cap? 
  • The Sens and Pens have discussed a Jarko Ruutu trade that would see him returning to his old team. (ESPN)


  1. eventhough st. louis only gets paid 4 million next year his cap hit is still 5.25

    Also, Selanee has said it so many times...Mtl is Saku's team and Anaheim is his...although maybe he woud take the trade for 2 months outside of sunny california.

  2. Edit from that last post: Selanee is signed on for next year so forget about it.

  3. I have heard that St. Louis is not available right now. Maybe that means the right offer has not come around yet. He would look great in Montreal but the #1 issue for the Habs is that they need a top centerman. Bring in Olli ...

    As for Selanne, like the other blogger said, Selanne is a Duck. He will retire a Duck and he is happy in Cali. Anaheim is going for a playoff spot so I don't see him going anywhere.

  4. How about Erik Cole? He's the other guy I really believe they should be targeting.

    As for St. Louis, TB needs to dump cash, and I bet Higgins, McDonaugh, Trotter and a 1st could get it done.

  5. I think that Montreal has a number of guys that do what Cole can do. Max Pac, D'Agostini, Higgins and Latandresse to a lesser extent all provide the same energy as Cole would bring to the line-up.

    Cole had plenty of oppertunities to make it on the top line in Edmonton and he was not successful. The price to bring him in to play on your 3rd line would be way too much when you have guys in your system that already do the job.

  6. As much as we need a centerman i still believe we need another d-man. It would be crazy if Bob can somehow pull off a deal for Kaberlei. He's signed for the next two years at around 4.5 million. I'd probably compare him to markov with a better shot.

    I'd go after Kaberlei more than Bowmeester or Pronger

  7. I agree, I also think we require another defenceman. I am really hoping Bob gets a defenceman AND a big scoring forward. It's a lot to ask for, but it would vault us from potential contender to top of the pops.