Sunday, March 1, 2009

More trade rumours...

It's that time of year! Philadelphia has apparently offered James vanRiemsdyk, Joffrey Lupul and prospect to the Panthers for Jay Bouwmeester, as per the Toronto Sun.

To match, what would the Canadiens have to part with? Chris Higgins, PK Subban and a 1? 

  • Stan Fischler of NYP fame is saying Sunday on the Devils broadcast that the Flames and Avs have been discussing a deal that would bring Ryan Smyth to Calgary. The ultime screw you to Edmonton? My Take: This deal has legs. The Avalanche desperately need to clear some salary. I would say a package of Lombardi, Aucoin and a 1st would do it. Getting Smyth off the books would be a big win for Colorado's owners. 
  • Bill Guerin has been traded, but where? The pundits are saying Washington is the favourite, followed closely by Montreal, Boston, Buffalo and Pittsburgh. Whoever grabs him may not like what they get, because Billy G's playoff stats, in over 100 games, are essentially .5 points per game. Not exactly first line material. My Take: He's going to Washington, probably for a 2nd round pick and perhaps a prospect, no more. 
  • Nasville is after Ponikarovsky, according to The Fourth Period. The Preds are looking to deal Radek Bonk. My Take: The Leafs want picks, not Bonks. Ponikarovsky for a 3rd and a 4th, and Nashville picks up a decent, gritty, top nine winger. 
  • Steve Sullivan: If, and it's a big if, the Predators decide they're not in this, then perhaps they deal Sullivan to the East. I would think Boston or Montreal would love his speed. But could his body take the beating that is the NHL playoffs? I'd have to think the Predators would be happy with a prospect and a late pick in return. After all, two months ago, he hadn't played in two years. 
  • Mathieu Dandenault: He wants out, the Canadiens want to shed his salary, and the Red Wings always liked him. I bet he gets shipped there as playoff depth, probably for a 5th or 6th round pick. 
  • Pascal Leclaire to Ottawa for Antoine Vermette, My Take: This makes sense. Ottawa desperately needs a goalie, and Columbus needs a centreman. I could see this one coming to fruition.
  • Gary Roberts is available, but has confirmed that he will definitely retire for good at the end of this season. My Take: Roberts is going to a contender that needs a veteran presence. Look for Pittsburgh to take a look. He could also head back to Calgary, or perhaps Vancouver to join his old buddy Mats "the sellout" Sundin. 


  1. whaddya hear about PI goin to the thrash for a box o bullets and a pet koala?

  2. Sounds plausible. PI has had an off year.

  3. Indeed. Not sure who this PI is, perhaps it's Perome Iginla?