Friday, February 20, 2009

What a crazy day...

Wow. Links to organized crime. Kovalev back in the fold. Halak back between the pipes. NHL investigations.

Quite the day in Habsland. As usual, we're trying to keep you up to date with news and commentary. Many media still say there is a lot more to come out, but let's be honest, this is Montreal: how could they keep anything jucier than this under wraps? So at this point, we here at The Drive for Twenty Five are looking forward to Hockey Day in Canada tomorrow, and the Canadiens annual thrashing at the hands of the Senators. Perhaps The Doc will touch on that later.

For now, we leave you with this: Bob Gainey held a press conference this afternoon to discuss the ongoing police investigation, and the return of Alexei Kovalev. 

Audio can be found on the HIO website, here:

Quite the 24 hours for the Canadiens.


  1. If the Habs were to get Ryan Whitney from the Pens for Kovalev, they would have to start looking at Pittsburgh for possible mob connections too. I mean, come on, the only way that deal gets done is if someone in Pittsburgh is trying to get a ransom off their head.

  2. Well, the Canadiens would definitely have to give up picks and/or prospects as well. Kovalev, Gorges, and a 2nd? That seems reasonable.