Monday, February 23, 2009


With the firing of Tom Renney today, the coaches of all 4 of the teams that began their seasons in Europe this year (Ottawa, Tampa, Pittsburgh and New York) have now been replaced.

With Detroit, St. Louis, Florida and Chicago tentatively slated to make the trip next year, I wonder how many of those coaches are starting to feel a little apprehension about their own job security should their club happen to get off to a slow start?

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  1. Leafer says...

    "Honestly, it's going to take a lot more than Tortorella to keep the Rangers in the playoff picture. How about waking up Gomez and Drury? How about teaching Redden how to score again? How about bringing Domi out of retirement? Actually, they're bringing back Avery so that's basically the same thing. Point is, Tortorella coaches a team with an iron fist and I don't know how a team will respond to that with only 20+ games to go. They need a scorer to play with Gomez, but don't have the cap space to sign one. Dare I say the Leafs are in a better position for the future than the Rangers? Sorry, this is a Habs board; shouldn't mention the Leafs..."