Sunday, February 22, 2009

An interesting appearance tonight... former coach Jean Perron on Tout Le Monde Parle tonight on tv in Quebec. Perron started "partygate" about a week ago. Tonight, he disclosed a few new facts:

  •  Ryan O'Byrne "took one for the team" by taking a woman's purse last year and getting arrested as the woman had compromising pictures of teammates on her cell phone.
  • Cristobal Huet *may* have been a player involved in that incident, hence his being traded rather suddenly last year at the deadline for a draft pick.
  • Perron previously spoke to Bob Gainey earlier this season about the behaviours of certain players which he had learned about. Perron said he was under the impression Gainey was already aware.
  • He spoke out because he does not want to see the team lose. He just wants them to win. and...
  • Most importantly, he is worried for Carey Price. He doesn't really care about the other players, but Price is so good that he can win the Canadiens the Stanley Cup. Perron hopes Gainey and Carbonneau can help Price get back on track, and quick.
Thank you Jean Perron, maybe...? 

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