Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If I'm Bob Gainey...

So if I'm Bob Gainey today, before this Larque situation becomes an issue, I try and move him. And Edmonton is the prime target, as the Oilers always loved Georges, and vice versa. He still has significant ties to the organization and within the community. Despite the Ruutu for Cole rumour, would this work:

Georges Laraque
Mathieu Carle


Erik Cole

What do you think? Should Bob deal Laraque? Would this type of move be possible?

More on the Laraque situation:

Rumour Update
  • Brian Burke stated definitively on radio this afternoon that he expects a player, a 1st round pick, and a to prospect for Tomas Kaberle. In essence, he's looking for the same sort of package he paid to Edmonton for Chris Pronger three years ago. 


  1. That deal won't work under the cap. Cole makes 4 mil, while Laraque makes 1.5. The Habs don't have the room to add that kind of salary.