Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How quickly the fans can turn

Turn on Montreal radio this morning, and the general feeling is that Alex Kovalev is a terrible person. Just awful. He's gotta go. Trade him for pucks. Addition by subtraction.

Hold on a second: Kovalev was THE guy last year. He has been THE guy for small parts of this year. Yes, he's in a slump, but he didn't steal a baby or rob a bank. He's just had a bad 10 games. He'll snap out of it. Let him play through it.

The general feeling seems to be that the Schneider signing was a good one. Let's see what kind of impact he makes tomorrow against the Capitals. 

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA...what did I tell you. I'm pretty sure I just posted this on your wall like a second ago!!
    Great to see you back writing, but I think you might be wasting your talents.

    Schneider...HAHAHA it must be 1993!!