Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Nice Day for a Rumour

Two big rumours this hour...

1) Alex Kovalev has been dealt to Pittsburgh, but because the Pens play the Habs tomorrow the deal will not be announced until Friday. The deal apparently involves Ryan Whitney back to Montreal.

2) Alex Kovalev is headed to Columbus, possibly for Mike Peca and picks, possible just for picks.

Now these are just rumours. They're off the radio, but they are from hosts. Sportsnet mentioned the Columbus rumours (Millard/Kypreos) and the Pittsburgh rumour was just discussed by PJ Stock on TEAM 990 in Montreal. So we'll see what happens.

Regardless, Kovalev hasn't been traded to two places (obviously), but I gotta tell ya, it sounds like the end of Kovalev in Montreal is near.

I for one love Kovalev. He is so talented, so great in interviews, and he does a lot of wonderful community work with kids and hospitals. But he always leaves you wanting more, and he rarely follows up on it. But whatever happens:

In Bob We Trust. 

Also...further to what we discussed over the past few days, news from the Journal de Montreal's Marc de Foy on how the Lightning initiated Lecavalier trade talks and a trade was in place:

" Bob Gainey confirmed on Tuesday, there truly were discussions held with the Tampa Bay Lightning involving Vincent Lecavalier.

"Mathieu Schneider has been a name among our priorities since November, when Vincent Lecavalier came into play", said Gainey. "We put the Schneider dosier aside for the time being before coming back to it in mid January."

The rumour at he time, involved Chris Higgins, Tomas Plekanec, and Josh Gorges going to the Lightning. If it had played out, Lecavalier would be wearing the colours of the Canadiens for a month now.

"The names that you heard, it was them who brought them up, not us", said Gainey, in reference to the Lightning management."

What does this prove? Bob McKenzie knows what he is talking about, where there's smoke there's fire, and Brian Lawton (Tampa's General Manager) is a ball faced liar. 

You can read more (en Francais) at:

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