Friday, February 20, 2009

The Latest on 'Le Scandal'

So far, it doesn't seem that bad. However, various media personalities are saying this is the "tip of the iceberg." Essentially, three Canadiens (Kostitsyn, Kostitsyn Jr., and Hamrlik) have been implicated in the recent "Axe" crackdown of Quebec and Ontario police on gang activity. Specifically, the police have numerous phone calls between these players and an accused drug dealer/arms dealer/conspirer, the subject of which we can only speculate. However, players like Pierre Dagenais and Mike Ribeiro were shipped out for far less than this. Who knows how big this will get.

Francois Gangon elaborates on the story (in French), stating that this is only the beginning, and suggesting that many of the younger players have been partying all night and heading straight to practice from bars on game days. Perhaps this makes sense, as it would explain the Canadiens porous play over the past two months. 

In the meantime, Les Canadiens lost again last night. The shine is certainly coming off the 100th anniversary logo. They had better turn things around against Ottawa tomorrow or there could be serious changes. How low can they go? The Montreal Canadiens, January/February 2009: like a game of limbo involving 20 different guys. 

Oh, and Kovalev is back with the team today. Maybe that'll provide the spark that these guys need tomorrow against Ottawa. 


Team 990 reports that La Presse had further articles to run on the Canadiens and legal issues/problems that have arisen in recent weeks. However, these articles were pulled on the advice of La Presse lawyers. It is likely that they will be re-written and run this weekend or next week. According to PJ Stock and Tony Marinaro of Team 990, there is much more to come. 

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