Monday, February 23, 2009

Ten days to go

The trade deadline is 10 days away, next Wednesday, March 4. First time it has not been on a Tuesday that I can remember.

Will Bob make another move? What do the Habs need? Who is likely to come and go? The Doc and I will have our trade preview snippets up in the next few days. Essentially, a summary of what may happen in Montreal by next Wednesday.

Until then, we'll keep on keeping on with normal Habs and NHL updates. Renney fired today, Tortorella looking hired, and rumours of Kaberle to *shudder* Boston. That would not be good for Les Canadiens. 

For your viewing pleasure...

There were rumours that Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke was "twittering." Obviously, to anyone who'd read about it, it was a hoax. But apparently, some people actually believed it was Burke. Well, Burke confirmed today it was not him. But some twitter's were humourous. Here's my favourite, from last night.

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